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FAQ for Publishers
What is Smart Book Reader?
Smart Book Reader is an excellent reader with a neat and clean user interface with rich features and useful controls to read s comfortably
What is an e-Book?
An is a book in electronic format. It is downloaded to a computer, PC, Mac, laptop, PDA, tablet, smartphone or any other kind of reading device, and is read on the screen. It can have numbered pages, table of contents, pictures and graphics, exactly like a printed book.
How Smart Book Reader is useful for Publishers?
Smart Book Reader gives a way to sell their books and other content to consumers through mobile apps on mobile devices and all major platform.

A publisher simply gets an Reading Solutions by adopting Smart Book Reader & providing them to their vendors & learners.

With Smart Book Reader a publisher can provide a reading solutions to its readers.

The publishing industry is in the midst of a major digital transition. In July, 2010, Amazon, the leading U.S. e-book retailer, reported that in the past three months it had sold 143 e-books for every 100 hardcover books sold.

Predictions for the growth of e-book sales relative to print book sales differ greatly. At the recent trade press conference Digital Book World, some publishing executives predicted that by 2014, half of all books sold in the U.S. will be e-books. This era is already begin in Asia specially in India.

Publisher can offer their ebooks at much cheaper rate & can gain competitive advantages as e-books are often cheaper in the long run because there are no printing, binding, storing & distribution fees associated with them. Hence a publisher can provide his digitized book cheaper than its printed version. Also the updating with new version is easy & less time consuming.

Smart Book Reader opens a new door of Global Market for publishers as by providing Smart Book Reader to their reader’s, publisher can sell/provide books to them anywhere, anytime throughout the globe instantly as reader needs it.

It is note worthy that India is waking up to the realm of digital publishing and digital books with both being the focus of the ongoing Delhi Book Expo last year. E-books and e-publishing both has their obvious advantages though authors in India have only just begun to realize the immense benefits digital technology can be of in this field. Also, with the country being the third biggest publisher — after the US and UK — the potential in this field is immense and the response too has been quite encouraging so far with a lot of publishers already showing interest in e-publishing.
How Smart Book Reader helps in selling the e-Books?
Smart Book Reader is an excellent reader with a neat and clean user interface with rich features and useful controls to read s comfortably

A publisher needs to upload the PDF version of his books using Smart Book Reader Control Panel and assign these books to his buyers directly by providing them the Smart Book Reader.

A publisher may be able to distribute Smart Book Reader to Universities, Colleges, Schools, Libraries freely so that he can facilitates his s directly to them.
Is Publishers required to pay for Smart Book Reader?
YES. Publishers are required to purchase the software once & same could be distributed to any number of students/vendors etc.
Is there any other charges publisher required to pay?
A very nominal amount is payable annually to us to avail the web services & updates of software related to the version purchased by the publisher.
How publisher distributes Smart Book Reader to buyers?
Smart Book Reader could be made available through a download from Publishers web site.
How can a publisher Sell his e-Books?
After distributing the software to users a user id & password is created by publishers control panel for each user. When users login using Smart Book Reader, he finds the list of assigned(purchased) books to him and list of new arrivals for a fresh purchase.

A assigned book is that for which payment is made to publisher by user & user is allowed to read & download the e-book.
How publisher assign books to buyers?
We will provide a web based control panel along with Smart Book Reader. Using this control panel publisher can provide the books & mange them at their own.
Is any specific technical knowledge required to use all these?
No. Only mere operation on computer & Internet skill is required to administrate all these.
Where from Users/Buyers buy Mobile devices?
Either it could be purchased from open market or if required we can supply the same on a very competitive price with customization.
What is meaning of Customization?
Customization Means both the Smart Book Reader & Mobile Device carries the name & logo of publisher. So that it gives an impression that it is by the publisher & could be used as Brand Building tool. Also this customization is free of cost.